PR Activity for Politicians

Effective PR Strategies for Political Candidates

We are an experienced team of professionals who work directly with candidates throughout the election cycle. In addition, we make ourselves available to them even after they’re elected. After all, PR strategies for political candidates are just as important even after they’re in office.

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PR Activity for Politicians

Plan, Create and Connect.

Every successful political campaign is different from the rest because they were effective in showing how their candidate was different from the rest. This is a fact that many public relations agencies for political candidates miss. We consider every aspect of a campaign: the candidate, the issues, and the voting public.

We build a solid PR strategy that encompasses the whole while focusing on each of its parts like The candidate’s values and political platform,The needs of the constituents and how the candidate will fulfill them, What this candidate offers that the others don't, Establishing and showcasing the candidate’s support base, Defining and reinforcing the candidate’s branding, Reputation management, Proactive approach to resolving a crisis immediately rather than after the fact when it is more of an issue, Communication Is Key.

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Common Political PR Practices

Public relations and politics remain closely knit in today’s campaigns, with candidates hiring extensive PR staff or working with PR agencies. Here are a few of the common practices that we use.

  • Spinning

    There’s almost always information to spin in political public relations. Spin can involve the presentation of particular facts that support a candidate’s position and discredit an opponent’s opinion. It can involve downplaying a mistake or making an apology or denial.

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    Platform Messaging

    All candidates have a platform, or a set of beliefs and goals they have for the office they’re pursuing. The platform serves as the base for all messaging. Candidates often put out policy papers or give speeches related to their platform.

  • Media Relations and Engagement

    For any political candidate, media exposure is critical in a lot of ways.. Public relations professionals are often charged with organizing media engagements and ensuring that their candidate’s public profile stays strong.

  • Digital Public Relations

    Social media and the Internet have added a new layer to public relations and political campaigns. Candidates need a social media strategy to keep them in the minds of voters.

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PR as Propaganda

While it took time for politicians to utilize public relations effectively in campaigns, it didn’t take long for them to create propaganda — defined as political communication that is biased and misleading in nature. As political machines began to break up and the modern primary election system was established, candidates used propaganda to dissuade citizens from supporting their opponent.

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Politics in Early Newspapers

Politicians often publicized events in newspapers, inviting the media and the public. These events were never part of a campaign strategy, but they sought to inform voters.

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