Social Media Marketing For Politicians

We make you likable, more shareable, and make sure that is it linkable, using the correct tools which guide us to make you talk of the social media sites.

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social madia marketing for politicians
Social media Presense for Politicians

Scintillating Social Media Presence For Your Political Career

We are extroverts and that is what makes us great at what we do for your profile, we use our great social skills to make you more social, literally.We are tech-savvy people who use the web to your advantage to make you more visible, more active, more vocal, and more popular.

  • Research & Planning
  • Creating & Curating Content
  • Sharing Content
  • Social Campaigns & Engagement

Social Media Marketing Process

Now is the time to tap into the ever growing power of Social Media Marketing (SMM).

social media research

Research and Planning

The first step to any marketing strategy is research and planning. Our team will dedicate approximately three hours of time every week figuring out how your social media appearance should look like. This includes:Reviewing your company goals. Sourcing internal and external content that matches your goals. Outlining your editorial calendar in advance.

social media content creation

Creating Content

Once the plan is set, the second step is creating content for regular postings. This mainly includes writing blog posts and articles, which can be shared on social media and in turn drive traffic to your profile.We create social media calendars which includes what type of content should be shared on a regular basis in all social media platforms, so that we can make the audience engage more.

social media content curation

Curating Content

Another important aspect of any marketing strategy is curating content. Getting your marketing team to spend three hours each week searching the web for insightful and inspiring content to share, is integral to engaging your audience and keeping them interested.

sharing content to relavent audience

Sharing Content

Once you’ve planned, created and curated all of your content, it’s time to start sharing everything throughout social media. Keep in mind that each social media channel—whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube , every platform has its own tone and style that should guide the way you craft your content to make it stick.

social media engagement for politicians

Social Engagement

It all begins with Words and Hashtags. Identifying and creating “right” keywords and Hashtags is key to a campaign's success. Targeting the right hashtag means getting the “right” kind of audience . Hashtags play a vital role in social media. Creating and targeting the right hashtags that suit your business will take time but the results will be pretty impressive.

levarage the engagement in social media

Engage with your Audience

After you share your content on social media, your marketing team isn’t done – you still have to engage with your audience. The sad truth is that only 20% of social media comments receive a response from the company, which means that most businesses miss out on a valuable opportunity. Engaging your audience is a three-step process to turn customers into brand advocates

running social media campaigns

Run Social Media Campaigns

Beyond the basic social media sharing and engagement, your team should develop unique social media campaigns. These campaigns enable you to increase lead generation, brand awareness, and website traffic.

political engineer

Analyze the Results

No social media marketing strategy is complete without analytics. Every week your team should spend at least 3.5 hours reviewing your social analytics to discover what drove the top results. We should analyze where the audience was most active, which content generated leads, and what trends your business should follow.

political engineer

Allow for Contingency

Life happens. An effective Social Media Manager is someone who is prepared to deal with contingencies. There’s no accounting for when the unexpected happens. Team should spend at least three hours a week in case you need to conduct extra research, solve problems and post unscheduled content.

We Are Party-Centric

we stand behind our leaders with the goal of helping them succeed.

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    Brand Monitoring

    We will help you to track and improve the reputation of your business on all social media platforms and find out how people perceive your brand.

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    Social Media Management

    Our social media marketing team will manage all your social media profiles, pages, accounts on your behalf and we will engage with your audience.

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    Setup & Custom Profiling Design

    We create and customize all Social media profiles and pages including quality content and aesthetics that resembles your brand and business to the audience.

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    Social Media Strategy

    An effective social media strategy will help you grow your business, maintain your social presence and make your audience engage with you on all platforms.

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