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Personal development skills are qualities and abilities that help you grow both personally and professionally. Understanding and improving these skills can help you maximize your potential. This process is also known as self-development or personal growth.

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political leadership training for politicians
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Awake The NAYAK In U

The purpose of this unique Leadership training is to produce better qualified, ethical and people owned leaders in India, because India is facing crisis of leadership not capacity. The Political Engineer provides leadership development of persons who have been identified as having the potential to become future public leaders. There are teeming youth who aspire to become political leaders; however, very few live up to the leadership ideals.

  • Receptive Language (Understanding Language)
  • Expressive Language (Using Language)
  • Social Communication (Using Language In Socially Appropriate Ways)
  • Reading And Spelling (Including Dyslexia)
political training benefits


  • A Conversational Skills Development That Helps Them Interact With Other Political Leaders Or With The People.
  • Their Ability To Express Thoughts, Ideas, And Feelings.
  • Their Understanding Of Social Cues To Self Regulate The Conversation.
  • Clarity Of Speech And Articulation.
public speaking training for politicians

Public Speaking

If you are a politician you must learn the art of public speaking, if you are not a good speaker, it will be difficult for you to get success in Politics. This training is about public speaking & stage handling. In this training we try to emphasize more on public speaking so opportunities will be provided time to time to remove stage fear. We train how to craft your speech as per time, what are the traits of commumication, connection with people, voice modulation etc.

body language training for politicians

Body Language

Strong leaders convey their self-confidence and strength subtly but clearly through their posture. An outstretched, open posture projects an image of power and confidence. Legs slightly apart, hands on hips (think wonder woman), or making a wide gestures make you look like you are in charge. Politicians are powerful orators and their speeches usually sound clever, engaging, and convincing. But there’s more to delivering a message than just words. Enter nonverbal communication. Facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language are key to delivering a message effectively, and politicians know it Effective leadership depends on the ability to inspire and positively impact people.

etiqutte training for politicians


The customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group. Whether you’re bracing yourself for the electioneering of the mid-terms or just confounded by the elections. Once considered a taboo conversational subject along with sex and money, now politics is often a casual part of daily discourse. How, when and even if you should express your views can be a tricky minefield in both social and business settings.

Before you step out as leader, individual leaders should be equipped with personal and political etiquette. Few outlines

  • Educate yourself before you open your mouth.
  • Know where you stand.
  • Don't monopolize the conversation.
  • Know when to change the subject.
  • Keep your cool, too.
  • Watch your feed.
  • Know when to "agree to disagree." Etc.,

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